1. You know what I find amazing? I just saw a picture of Jensen Ackles in a scene and just knew automatically that it wasn’t from Supernatural. He wasn’t doing anything except looking slightly off camera but I knew.
    That’s not me being a hardcore fan.
    That’s him being a really good actor.

    You can’t escape me, Dean. You’re gonna die. And this. This is what you are going to become!

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  2. quirkyiceheart:

    "You’re gonna die. And this- this is what you’re gonna become!" -6 fucking seasons ago

  3. thoughtlessthinkythoughts:

    But can we talk about Crowley in that last scene?

    And how Mark Sheppard knocked it out of the park.

    How gentle he was? How he sounded genuinely remorseful? How he actually cares about these idiots now?

    His almost loving exasperation that Sam was trying to make another Winchester deal, and the fact that he seemed happy that that wasn’t going to happen again?

    Just, Crowley.

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    The many, wonderful colours of Dean’s eyes

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  4. goliosi:

    "we’d like to get your blessing"

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  5. So here I am, in bed on a saturday morning, wondering why…
    why do Sam and Dean not carry a rug with them when they face demons? You know like a devil’s trap rug?
    some nice embroidery on there…